[PATCH, ARM] memcpy fix for unaligned access

Greta Yorsh Greta.Yorsh@arm.com
Tue Oct 4 16:03:00 GMT 2011

This patch fixes a bug in memcpy when buffers are not word-aligned and
unaligned access is enable in hardware. 

This bug caused regression test failures in
gcc.c-torture/execute/memcpy-2.c. The bug went undetected in my previous
regression runs, because unaligned access was disabled in my build

No regression on qemu --with-cpu cortex-a9 --with-thumb.

Thank you,


2011-10-04  Greta Yorsh  <Greta.Yorsh@arm.com>

	* libc/machine/arm/memcpy.S: Fix unaligned access copying.

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