PATCH: Support armv6-m in libgloss

Nick Clifton
Tue Oct 4 08:16:00 GMT 2011

Hi Bin,

> I have noticed that previous libgloss patches were trying to keep
> libc/sys/arm and libgloss synchronized, though they are not now.
> I briefly know that libgloss is separated from newlib before, and
> the rest of newlib is left there to support legacy usage.
> So, I'm wondering whether this patch should do this?

You are right it should.

I was trying to persuade Richard Earnshaw to let me delete the 
newlib/libc/sys/arm directory and just use the code in libgloss, but he 
objected and I have not yet had time to go through his alternative 
suggestion and implement it.

So please, do feel free to submit a patch to synchronize libgloss and 
newlib and I'll review it and apply it.


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