Testing newlib

Visar Zejnullahu visar@siva.mk
Mon Jul 25 13:20:00 GMT 2011


We are working on a port of Newlib's single precision math library
/float/ type functions to Ecos. For more:

We've reached the testing phase of the single precision functions.
First, I have noticed the tests provided in Ecos are different from
those of Newlib's. Can anyone tell how are the test cases chosen? I have
noticed that the test cases in Newlib are from the interval [-1.2;1.19]
with step 0.01, and some other test cases that do not exceed the
interval [-30;30]. Shouldn't the test be chosen randomly over some
interval that is "critical" for some specific function (i.e. some
interval in which the specific function might return some value that
differs from the value it should return, that is, in this interval the
function might be erroneous)?

Second, I could not find tests on the corresponding test folder of the
Newlib (1.19.0) for these functions: remainder, scalb, cbrt, copysign,
expm1, finite, ilogb, nextafter, rint, scalbn and significand. How could
this be explained? I know that some of them are not standard ANSI C
functions, and some of them are closely related with other similar
functions (for example, expm1(x) is exp(x) - 1, as the name suggests).

Kind regards,

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