[PATCH] Define _sbrk_r() even when MALLOC_PROVIDED is defined

Matt Johnson johnso87@crhc.illinois.edu
Mon Jul 18 16:05:00 GMT 2011

Hi All,
     I ran into an issue when compiling the SPEC2000 version of gcc 
using my newlib-based toolchain.  I define MALLOC_PROVIDED so that I can 
use my own dlmalloc/nedmalloc-based implementation, but gcc still calls 
sbrk(), presumably to get some idea of how much memory it used.  sbrk() 
unconditionally calls _sbrk_r(), which in turn calls the syscall stub 
_sbrk().  The problem is that sbrk() is not left out of the library when 
MALLOC_PROVIDED is defined, but _sbrk_r() *is*.  So I build my libc.a, 
but then gcc fails to link because of an unresolved symbol for 
_sbrk_r().  My guess is that _sbrk_r() should still be defined under 
MALLOC_PROVIDED so that sbrk() can use it, even if its other caller, 
newlib's stock malloc, doesn't call it anymore.  Attached is a patch to 
make it so.
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