PATCH: Support armv6-m in libgloss

Jeff Johnston
Fri Jul 8 07:36:00 GMT 2011

On 07/04/2011 05:36 AM, Bin Cheng wrote:
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>> Cc: Bin Cheng;
>> Subject: Re: PATCH: Support armv6-m in libgloss
>>> Hi,
>>> The attached patch supports armv6-m in libgloss/arm, which is thumb
>> only
>>> arch and have not been supported in libgloss yet.
>>> This patch makes following changes:
>>> -   arm unified assembly language(UAL) is now used globally in
>> libgloss,
>>> rather than in thumb2 startup codes only;
>>> -   use flag setting variant of some instructions, this is required
>> by
>>> rewriting pre-UAL to UAL codes;
>>>      Though it might change the behavior of some of these instructions,
>> it
>>> won't change program behavior, since all instructions depend on flags
>> have
>>> its own direct preceding flag setting instructions.
>>> -   change in functionality for AngelSWI_Reason_HeapInfo semihosting,
>> we no
>>> longer set sp/sl if values loaded are ZERO. Please refer to comments
>> at line
>>> 127 of this patch and section 8.3.9 of ARM document
>>> "DUI0203J_rvct_developer_guide" for more information;
>>> -   fix a semihosting bug in crt0.S involving armv6-m/armv7-m, please
>> see
>>> line 106-117 of this patch, and go to website
>>> and
>>> for more
>> discussions;
>>> I have run arm-none-eabi-gcc/g++/gdb "make check" on
>>> arm9/arm9_thumb/cortex-m3, the results seems sane. Also I ran some
>>> benchmarks on cortex-m0/m3 boards successfully.
>>> Please review this patch and apply it if OK.
>>> 2011-06-24  Chengbin<>
>>> libgloss/
>>>                 * arm/crt0.S: Support armv6-m processors in libgloss.
>>>                 * arm/swi.h: Likewise.
>>>                 * arm/trap.S: Likewise.
>>>                 * arm/redboot-crt0.S: Likewise.
>>>                 * arm/linux-crt0.c: Likewise.
>>>                 * arm/arm.h: New.
>> Hi,
>> Could somebody help review this patch?
>> BTW, the email address wasn't subscribed in mail list before,
>> so have to reply with this address to keep the messages in sequence.
>> Sorry for disturbing.
> Hi,
> I sent the message and patch about one week ago and got no comment on it. As
> for the patch, should I do anything else to get it reviewed and approved?
> More generally, I am new to newlib list, and wondering there are some rules
> on how to contribute, how patches get reviewed, etc.?
> Your advice would be very helpful. Thanks very much.
> Regards.

Hi Bin,

Generally you post to the mailing list.  In most cases, Corinna and 
myself review patches and there are a number of others who are 
well-versed in many areas of newlib who will comment when they see 
issues or have concerns.

In this case, I am not an arm expert and the code is shared by a large 
number of configurations so it is real easy to cause breakage.  This 
change modifies code in the shared path so I defer to the arm experts to 
comment.  Nick is one of them and you cc'd him from the start.

When a patch receives no comment, the right thing to do is what you have 
done and to ping the list.  CC'ing others who have committed changes in 
the same area is a good idea as well which you have done.

I will try to contact Nick directly and ask if he is available to review 
the patch.


-- Jeff J.


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