build fails: missing ./etc directory, then "no rule to make target `install`"

Jeff Johnston
Thu Jun 16 01:17:00 GMT 2011


Normally one specifies a target like xxx-elf.  Do you have a set of 
tools on your path for cross-development?  For example, do you have a 
mips-gcc, mips-ld, mips-ar, mips-ranlib, mips-as, mips-readelf on your 
path?  If you have mips-elf-gcc instead, then you need to specify 
mips-elf as your target.  Otherwise, you need a set of cross tools 
installed somewhere that is on your path.

As well, the instructions for building newlib are out of date with 
regards to the top-level sourceware directory.  I suggest you specify 
the targets: all-target-newlib all-target-libgloss install-target-newlib 

So, this might end up being:

cd newlib-build
../newlib-1.19.0/configure --prefix=`pwd` --target=mips-elf
<when finished>
make all-target-newlib all-target-libgloss install-target-newlib 

Hope this solves your problems,

-- Jeff J.

On 06/14/2011 04:52 PM, José Ruiz wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to build newlib 1.19 on a Kubuntu 11.4 machine (gcc version 4.5.2) for a MIPS target. I am trying to follow the instructions found in the newlib site, the included 'readme' file and elsewhere, and the build fails with a make error.
> Here's exactly what I do:
>> tar xzvf newlib-1.19.0.tar.gz>  mkdir newlib-build>  cd newlib-build>  ../newlib-1.19.0/configure --prefix=`pwd` --target=mips
> <leading lines of output clipped>...checking where to find the target windmc... pre-installedchecking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles... nochecking whether -fkeep-inline-functions is supported... yesconfigure: creating ./config.statusconfig.status: creating Makefile
> (There's no error there that I can see, and a Makefile is generated on newlib-build)
>> make install
> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/jaruiz/dev/mips/newlib/newlib-build'/bin/bash ../newlib-1.19.0/mkinstalldirs /home/jaruiz/dev/mips/newlib/newlib-build /home/jaruiz/dev/mips/newlib/newlib-build/bin/bash: line 3: cd: ./etc: No such file or directorymake[1]: *** [install-etc] Error 1make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jaruiz/dev/mips/newlib/newlib-build'make: *** [install] Error 2
> (Ok, I then go on to create the etc directory though I already suspect there is something wrong somewhere...)
>> mkdir etc>  make install
> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/jaruiz/dev/mips/newlib/newlib-build'/bin/bash ../newlib-1.19.0/mkinstalldirs /home/jaruiz/dev/mips/newlib/newlib-build /home/jaruiz/dev/mips/newlib/newlib-buildmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/jaruiz/dev/mips/newlib/newlib-build/etc'make[2]: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/jaruiz/dev/mips/newlib/newlib-build/etc'make[1]: *** [install-etc] Error 2make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jaruiz/dev/mips/newlib/newlib-build'make: *** [install] Error 2
> That's the error I get. I am a newbie in linux development and though I have used make before, frankly I can't make head or tails of any of that.The generated makefile is ~350KB long and is insanely convoluted. I seems to contain an 'install' target but I have no idea what may be wrong with it, if anything. Here's a snippet:
> ....# Installation targets.
> .PHONY: install uninstallinstall:	@: $(MAKE); $(unstage)	@r=`${PWD_COMMAND}`; export r; \	s=`cd $(srcdir); ${PWD_COMMAND}`; export s; \	$(MAKE) $(RECURSE_FLAGS_TO_PASS) installdirs install-host install-target
> .PHONY: install-host-nogcc.....
> I don't think my local compiler is at fault here; I have built buildroot and some other applications on this machine without any problem.
> If there is some comprehensive documentation somewhere, or someone can kindly point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.I hope that I have missed something obvious and this will turn out to be a silly question...
> This situation where there's absolutely nothing I can do except beg for help in a forum is extremely frustrating :) again, if you can point me to relevant documentation (i.e. directly applicable to newlib on mips and not general docs for autoconf) I will not hesitate to study hundreds of pages if necessary.
> I miss my Keil tools :)
> Thanks!

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