libgloss for stm32 with directory support

Rob Emanuele
Mon May 23 11:01:00 GMT 2011


After working with newlib for a few years now and enjoying the
simplicity it has brought me, I have come to a new hurdle.  I am using
newlib on an stm32 microprocessor.  I've filled in some of syscalls
stubs for console I/O.  I've coupled it with a fat filesystem library
and I have all the wonders of filesystem I/O save one.  Directory I/O
seems to be unimplemented.  Parts of it are implemented but dirent.h
for a generic system needs to be written and then so does the glue
code to the fat filesystem.

So far I haven't created a full libgloss; I have filled out my own
syscalls and compiled/configured newlib with

Is there a way to easily fill out the directory functions in dirent.h
with another example?  Is it possible to configure newlib to look
outside of its tree for a custom libgloss and machine/bits headers if
need be as I'd rather not pollute your tree with my experimental code?
 (It makes it easier to handle newlib upgrades.)  Related to that, is
there some nice document on creating your own libgloss or a complete
list of configure options?  (Finding
--disable-newlib-supplied-syscalls was difficult the first time

Thank you for all your help and this awesome C library.


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