newlib-1.18.0 arm-none-eabi and sniprintf %d bug

Stuart Longland
Fri Jan 7 00:26:00 GMT 2011

 Hi all,

I'm doing some development on an STM32F103VE microcontroller.  I've
compiled a toolchain myself (using crossdev) for the arm-none-eabi CHOST
using binutils-2.21, gcc-4.5.2 and newlib-1.18.0.  Everything seems to
work fine, except sniprintf (and snprintf).

sniprintf is fine with strings (%s).  It works fine with hexadecimal
digits (%x), however I'm finding I'm getting hard-locks with decimal
digits (%d).  The MCU enters the function, and seemingly never exits.

Unfortunately I do not have a JTAG hooked up, and I'm unsure where to
begin debugging newlib as being new to the innards of the C library, I'm
finding it difficult to trace the execution flow.

Anyone have any suggestions where to begin?

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