M_LOG2_E vs. M_LN2 cleanup patch

Corinna Vinschen vinschen@redhat.com
Fri Dec 3 15:18:00 GMT 2010

On Dec  3 08:49, Howland Craig D (Craig) wrote:
> Jeff:
>      The math.h part of the patch appears to have not worked, as math.h
> is unchanged in CVS.  Here's that part of the patch, re-generated fresh.
> 				Craig

I was going to apply the patch, but I was wondering if we really want
to stick to this discrepancy:

line 35:  #define _M_LN2  0.693147180559945309417

line 532: #define M_LN2   0.69314718055994530942

Shouldn't we better define M_LN2 in terms of _M_LN2:

line 532: #define M_LN2 _M_LN2



Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Project Co-Leader
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