Freeing __malloc_av and impure_data

Aras Vaichas
Fri Nov 26 08:09:00 GMT 2010

Hi, I'm building a binary for a non-Linux embedded AVR32 application
and I'm getting close to my 16K of SRAM limit.

Looking at my elf file, I see that impure_data uses 1K of memory.

00000044 l     O .data   00000400 impure_data

I understand that it is somehow used for rentrancy in newlib, but
AFAIK I don't need it.

Is there a way to reduce this, or remove it completely?

There is also a whole load of malloc related data as well:

00000444 g     O .data   00000408 __malloc_av_

Can I free that up as well?

I use very little of newlib, and I've even replaced the stdio library
with my own to reduce the overall size and footprint. It would be
great if I could also remove or reduce these two  symbols.


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