Problem with printf and float

Jeppe Ledet-Pedersen
Tue Oct 26 11:57:00 GMT 2010

Hi Pavel, All,

On 2010-10-25 23:53, Pavel Pisa wrote:
> The constants are used in
>    newlib/libm/common/fdlibm.h
>    newlib/libc/stdio/vfieeefp.h
> The second one uses curious renaming to source original architecture
> influenced

Thank you for your reply. I have tried your suggestion and both 
__IEEE_LITTLE_ENDIAN and IEEE_8087 are set correctly in both vfprintf.c 
and dtoa.c.

__IEEE_BYTES_LITTLE_ENDIAN is not set. I don't see where this define is 
used except for endian.h? It seems to me like the current code yields 
the same setting for VFP and FPA in little endian mode, or am I missing 

 > If you use multilib, then you should
 > check, that you really use that library variant which
 > prints "__IEEE_LITTLE_ENDIAN is selected" and "IEEE_8087 is selected"

How do I check this? arm-unknown-eabi-gcc --print-multi-lib just outputs 

I have uploaded my crosstool-NG build log to

Once again, thank you for your help.

Best regards,

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