complex functions documentation

Marco Atzeri
Tue Oct 12 17:55:00 GMT 2010

Documentation for the complex functions.

libm/complex/complex.tex is very minimal


* libm/ added complex functions documentation
* libm/complex/ Ditto 
* libm/complex/complex.tex: Ditto
* libm/complex/(cabs.c, cacos.c, cacosh.c, carg.c,
     casin.c, casinh.c, catan.c, catanh.c, ccos.c, ccosh.c,
     cexp.c, cimag.c, clog.c, conj.c, cpow.c, cproj.c, creal.c, 
     csin.c, csinh.c, csqrt.c, ctan.c, ctanh.c): Ditto 
* libm/ Regenerate
* libm/complex/ Ditto 


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