Add strings.h

Howland Craig D (Craig)
Fri Oct 8 15:17:00 GMT 2010

One suggestion:  for the unimplemented functions, rather than #if 0 to
effectively comment them out, actually comment them out so that if
grep for them the results show that they are not real.
That is, change, for example, 
#if 0
/* Not implemented */
int	 _EXFUN(strcasecmp_l,(const char *, const char *, locale_t));
to something like
#if 0
/* Not implemented */
/* TBD int	 _EXFUN(strcasecmp_l,(const char *, const char *,
locale_t)); */
[where the #if 0 could be kept, but obviously would not be needed].

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Subject: Add strings.h

Hi again,

The patch below adds <strings.h> for better POSIX compliance.

The file was extracted/split-out from newlib's string.h.

More patches reflecting this change to come.


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