patch to add C99 complex - 1/3

Marco Atzeri
Thu Oct 7 15:17:00 GMT 2010

Hi Corinna,

--- Gio 7/10/10, Corinna Vinschen  ha scritto:

> Hi Marco,
> That looks good and it builds fine.  However, there's
> something missing
> which didn't occur to me at first sight:
> Documentation.  It's not very
> tricky to add, just see the libm/math/math.tex file and the
> header of,
> for instance, the libm/math/s_atan.c file.  Would you
> mind to add that?

It will need some more time as I have no practice with
this tex stuff.

> I'm off for a few weeks starting tomorrow so I'm not sure
> how to handle
> this.  Jeff, is it ok to apply the patch as is for now
> and Marco adds
> the docs later?
> Corinna

About the documentation, if I understood correctly

math/math.tex and common/math.tex are the start point of the documentation for math functions.
So I need to replicate in a new complex/math.tex

math.tex include *.def and they are created from 
the comments in the c files.

$ grep \.def
chobj = w_acos.def w_acosh.def w_asin.def s_asinh.def \
        s_atan.def w_atan2.def w_atanh.def w_j0.def \
        w_cosh.def s_erf.def w_exp.def w_exp2.def \
        s_fabs.def s_floor.def w_fmod.def s_frexp.def \
        w_gamma.def w_hypot.def s_ldexp.def w_log.def \
        w_log10.def \
        w_pow.def w_remainder.def s_sin.def w_sinh.def \
        w_sqrt.def s_tan.def s_tanh.def
        $(CHEW) < $< > $*.def 2> $*.ref
        touch stmp-def

Only the leading functions need these comments
like w_acos.c covers also w_acosf.c 

 $ ls *.c |wc -l

$ grep SYNOPSIS *.c  |wc -l

so I should add around 22 comments for all the couples
double / single of funtions, copying from the NETBSD

I presume no documentation is needed for the internal 
functions in cephes_subr.c

Correct ?


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