[PATCH] Fix undefined behaviour in lround,llround.

Howland Craig D (Craig) howland@LGSInnovations.com
Mon Jul 19 15:57:00 GMT 2010

On Jul 1 06:38, Corinna Vinschen wrote: 

>On Jul 17 18:16, Dave Korn wrote:
>>   Same changelog as before.  OK now/with/without above-mentioned
>> alterations?
>The reason not to use `unsigned long long tmp' sounds good to me.
>Keeping the SAFE_LEFT_SHIFT in the header doesn't hurt and might come
>handy at one point.  So, yes, that looks ok to apply, Dave, especially
>with the annotations (which should be mentioned in the ChangeLog).

Looks good to me, too.
Adding the annotations makes very good sense, as insufficient comments
are part of the reason that most of the math functions are so hard to

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