Problems with rewinddir() on RTEMS

Sebastian Huber
Mon Jul 5 14:13:00 GMT 2010


on some platforms RTEMS uses a 64-bit type for off_t (in particular PowerPC).
The function rewinddir() is implemented (libc/posix/rewinddir.c) in terms of:

_seekdir((dirp), (off_t)0);

For _seekdir() no prototype is present.  GCC chooses to pass (off_t) 0 as a
64-bit parameter (on PowerPC r5 and r6).  On the other hand we have

_DEFUN(_seekdir, (dirp, loc),
	register DIR *dirp _AND
	long loc)

Which has a different signature compared to above (on PowerPC r4 will contain
loc).  We must declare _seekdir() somewhere.

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