ARM string optimizations broken for ARMv3

Jeff Johnston
Sun Jun 20 05:45:00 GMT 2010

On 06/18/2010 03:06 PM, Alexandre Pereira Nunes wrote:
> Hi,
> In newlib 1.18.0 there were introduced some assembler optimizations
> regarding string operations in arm.
> These fail to assemble at least when targeting armv3 (implied by
> -mcpu=arm7, which is implied by my multilib setup).
> As far as I could see, the offending instructions are load/store half
> words, that aren't supported (at least accordingly to gnu AS) on this
> architecture.
> Is there a patch already available on cvs or something?

A fix was applied to the arm_asm.h file in libc/machine/arm in February 
which may or may not fix your problem.  I have attached the changed file.

You can always download the latest newlib via the instructions on the 
Download page of  (you have to click on 
Download on the left-hand side).

If you don't want CVS directories to contend with, change the last line 
of the instructions which does a cvs co (checkout) to be:

cvs export -r HEAD newlib

This will remove the CVS directories and will get you the latest newlib 
code.  Remember that 1.18.0 is just a snapshot release.  Fixes, new 
features, are constantly being added to the current repository and you 
may want to check the repository from time to time.

-- Jeff J.
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