Proposal to remove std stream and file chain info from reent struct

Till Straumann
Thu Jun 17 15:37:00 GMT 2010


I like the idea. However, you would still allocate (from the single 
global chain)
one set of stdin/stdout/sterr streams per thread, right?

-- Till

On 06/16/2010 03:07 PM, Jeff Johnston wrote:
> In light of the following post:
> I am proposing to remove the std streams from the reentrancy structure 
> and have one global set.  As well, the glue chain can also be removed 
> since we would always be using the one chain.  I am proposing a new 
> global structure which would house the std streams and the glue chain.
> The current std stream situation appears to be mostly historical.  I'm 
> not sure anyone actually depends on there being std streams per 
> thread. POSIX thread and I/O behaviour certainly wasn't ever 
> considered in the initial implementation.
> There are obvious benefits to doing this.  The reentrancy struct gets 
> smaller.  The scenario problem, described in the newlib posted link 
> above, goes away.  In addition, the code gets simplified as some 
> reentrant versions of functions are not needed.
> I am proposing this here first in case any platform has a dependency 
> on the current behaviour or there are some gotchas I haven't thought of.
> If there are no fundamental objections, I will make the changes and 
> post a patch here for review/comments.
> -- Jeff J.

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