syscalls and libsysbase support in newlib?

Thomas Kindler
Fri Jun 11 05:34:00 GMT 2010


I'm using the newlib on a small, bare-metal Cortex-M3 device (using the 
CodeSourcery toolchain).

Right now, I'm facing the same problems, I bet every other bare-metal 
developer has to face too -- implementing proper i/o syscalls for the 
UART, file system, etc..

Especially I need a way to define light-weight device drivers, and a 
simple VFS of sorts.

After some searching, I found wintermute's (Dave Murphy's) libsysbase patch:

It seems to be used a lot in Game console programming, and the patch is 
already integrated into the devkitpro Toolchain..

Apart from the single post in 2006.. are there any plans to integrate it 
into the official newlib release? It would benfit any derived toolchain 
a lot, and would provide a good, standard way to access devices on 
bare-metal systems.

best regards,
Thomas Kindler <>

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