[bug] wordexp.h is not C++ friendly

Moulding, Daniel - 0663 - MITLL dmoulding@ll.mit.edu
Tue Jun 8 21:40:00 GMT 2010


I just found that wordexp.h is not C++ friendly because it doesn't wrap
declarations in extern "C". As a result, when called from within a C++
program, the wordexp() and wordfree() functions wind up as undefined
references during link.

I'd submit a patch but have already spent too much time today trying (and
failing miserably) to get newlib to build under Cygwin.


Dan Moulding
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Group 63, Wideband Tactical Networking
Digital Prospectors
email: dmoulding@ll.mit.edu
Phone: (781) 981-4957 

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