info build fails if posix not used...

DJ Delorie
Wed Apr 21 22:45:00 GMT 2010

The Posix:: node is always referenced in libc/libc.texinfo, but the
relevent sections are only included if pulls in the
sources in the posix/ subdir.

Do we need a stmp-posix that sets a texinfo macro, like the other
ones?  Is someone already on this, or should I go for it?

Also, found some minor typos:

Index: libc/locale/locale.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/newlib/libc/locale/locale.c,v
retrieving revision 1.43
diff -p -U3 -r1.43  libc/locale/locale.c
--- libc/locale/locale.c	27 Mar 2010 21:04:49 -0000	1.43
+++ libc/locale/locale.c	21 Apr 2010 22:09:47 -0000
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ The following charsets are recognized:
 Charsets are case insensitive.  For instance, <<"EUCJP">> and <<"eucJP">>
 are equivalent.  Charset names with dashes can also be written without
 dashes, as in <<"UTF8">>, <<"iso88591">> or <<"koi8r">>.  <<"EUCJP">> and
-<<"EUCKR"> are also recognized with dash, <<"EUC-JP">> and <<"EUC-KR">>.
+<<"EUCKR">> are also recognized with dash, <<"EUC-JP">> and <<"EUC-KR">>.
 Full support for all of the above charsets requires that newlib has been
 build with multibyte support and support for all ISO and Windows Codepage.
Index: libc/time/strftime.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/newlib/libc/time/strftime.c,v
retrieving revision 1.14
diff -p -U3 -r1.14  libc/time/strftime.c
--- libc/time/strftime.c	26 Feb 2010 09:41:44 -0000	1.14
+++ libc/time/strftime.c	21 Apr 2010 22:09:47 -0000
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ The abbreviated weekday name according t
 o %A
 The full weekday name according to the current locale.
 In the default "C" locale, one of `<<Sunday>>', `<<Monday>>', `<<Tuesday>>',
-`<<Wednesday>>', `<Thursday>>', `<<Friday>>', `<<Saturday>>'. [tm_wday]
+`<<Wednesday>>', `<<Thursday>>', `<<Friday>>', `<<Saturday>>'. [tm_wday]
 o %b
 The abbreviated month name according to the current locale. [tm_mon]

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