candidate sched.h and sys/sched.h for review

Joel Sherrill
Tue Mar 30 13:46:00 GMT 2010

On 03/30/2010 03:30 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>>> /*
>>>   *  13.3.1 Set Scheduling Parameters, P1003.1b-1993, p. 252
> This is just a formal thingy, but shouldn't new references to the
> standard better refer to the latest standard, which would be IEEE
> Std 1003.1-2008 at the present time?
I will fix the other issues and resubmit but I don't
have a paper copy of 2008.  I agree it would be better.
Do you have a paper copy to get page numbers from
if I put XXX?  Or should I delete them?


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