Warning cleanup

Howland Craig D (Craig) howland@LGSInnovations.com
Thu Mar 4 14:44:00 GMT 2010

The attached patch cleans up some miscellaneous things to eliminate
compiler warnings.  Change log entry in the patch file, but also
replicated below.
* libm/math/ef_sqrt.c:  delete unused variable sign.
* libc/stdlib/getenv.c:  delete "char *_findenv_r ();", as is not a
proper prototype, and is properly prototyped in stdlib.h, anyway.
* libc/stdlib/getenv_r.c:  Ditto.
* libc/search/hash.c:  Add _DEFUN to __hash_open() declaration; add
#define __DBINTERFACE_PRIVATE to activate prototypes from db_local.h.
* libc/search/db_local.h: Correct __hash_open() prototype.
* libc/sys/linux/cmath/math_private.h:  Eliminate compiler warnings:
Remove #define INFINITY (redefines from math.h); remove #define __isnanf
and #define __isinff isinff.
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