Howland Craig D (Craig)
Mon Mar 1 21:04:00 GMT 2010

I have put it into sys/features.h and included sys/features.h at the
beginning of sys/config.h, as you suggest.  The patch is attached.  I
built it under Cygwin and Linux and nothing failed.
I noticed one thing that makes me wonder slightly as to whether it
would need addressing is that in sys/unistd.h, line 260 includes
sys/features.h, but this is after a check for _POSIX_SOURCE, the
old (1990) form of _POSIX_C_SOURCE (line 196).  It's only gating one
function prototype (vfork()).  IF we were to later try to attempt to
do something with _POSIX_SOURCE, the prior inclusion of sys/features.h
(due to being pulled in at the top) MIGHT make a difference.  I'm
thinking that this is not worth worrying about.
Speaking of _POSIX_SOURCE, it appears in 19 files under libc, all of
which are just checks for it.  Something to do later.  (A note for
the mailing list archive as a reminder for when we might:  2001 says
"Since _POSIX_SOURCE specified by the POSIX.1-1990 standard did not have
a value associated with it, the _POSIX_C_SOURCE macro replaces it,
allowing an application to inform the system of the revision of the
standard to which it conforms. This symbol will allow implementations to
support various revisions of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 simultaneously. For
instance, when either _POSIX_SOURCE is defined or _POSIX_C_SOURCE is
defined as 1, the system should make visible the same name space as
permitted and required by the POSIX.1-1990 standard. When
_POSIX_C_SOURCE is defined, the state of _POSIX_SOURCE is completely
A secondary question:  given that this change now makes anything that
includes any system header end up with sys/features.h, should a cleanup
be done to take out all #include <sys/features.h> to avoid confusion?
Or would it be worse for them to not have it and be assumed?  (It's
obviously easier to do nothing.)

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I'm thinking this might be better situated in sys/features.h at the 
bottom and then have sys/config.h include sys/features.h or 
alternatively still have sys/config.h include sys/features.h before this

check.  This would be along the lines of glibc where features.h is used 

-- Jeff J.
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