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Qiang Wang rurality.wq@gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 10:39:00 GMT 2010

2010/2/13 Jeff Johnston <jjohnstn@redhat.com>:
> On 12/02/10 02:44 AM, Qiang Wang wrote:
>> hello,Mr. Jeff Johnston
>>    I use newlib for about 5years, and it is a very good library.
>>    I just want to confirm if the newlib can add the new GPL RTOS
>> support which is well used in China and use the customized newlib
>> libraries.
>>   Thank you very much.
>> best regards
>> Wang Qiang
> Assuming you are talking about an RTOS that is GPL-licensed as opposed to an
> RTOS named GPL, newlib does not accept GPL-licensed code.  The LGPL license
> is ok as long as the code is separated from the shared newlib code (i.e. is
> in its own directory or directories and is only built under specific
> configurations).  For example, some x86-linux code is under the LGPL
> license.  This code is in the libc/sys/linux directory and is not built
> unless one specifies, for example, i686-pc-linux-gnu as the configuration
> target.

Yes, I mean the RTOS is under GPL-license.The name is
QingYangOS(www.qingyangos.org) which is used in China and Japan.
So,  I should release LGPL license codes to newlib.

> An RTOS can use newlib and license itself however it wants.  For example,
> the RTEMS RTOS uses newlib.  RTEMS only adds a little code to newlib with
> the code checked in adhering to newlib licensing.

I need release some codes to support the kernel, too.
The code will be with newlib licensing.

> I hope that answers your question.

Thanks for your kindly help.

> Regards,
> -- Jeff J.

Best Regards
Wang Qiang

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