newlib does not pick up the right cross-compiling gcc

Josef Wolf
Fri Feb 5 09:50:00 GMT 2010

[ Sorry for not following up to the original thread, but I already deleted
  before I noticed that I have the same problem ]

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> This means you don't have powerpc-unknown-eabi-gcc installed rsp. don't have
> it in $PATH.
> To build newlib separately from gcc (which is what you do) you need your
> target's <target>-gcc in $PATH

I have the gcc for the target (m68k-unknown-elf in my case) target installed
and I give both, --target=m68k-unknown-elf and --host=m68k-unknown-elf
options to configure, but still the native gcc is picked for compiling

Even worse: if I explicitly specify the cross compiler with

  CC=/path/to/cross/bin/m68k-unknown-gcc /path/to/src/configure <more_options>

then configure complains that the compiler can not create executables. Which
is no surprise: the cross compiler is not meant to create executables for the
build machine.

I have posted this problem to this list a while ago, but nobody seems to have
an idea what might cause the problem.

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