AW: newlib does not pick up the right cross-compiling gcc

R. Diez
Wed Feb 3 11:12:00 GMT 2010

> For cross compilation, you probably want to use

> --target=powerpc-unknown-eabi

That is generally the case, but the README file in the newlib/ subdirectory states something different:

The Build, Host and Target Concepts in newlib

The build, host and target concepts are defined for gcc as follows:

build: the platform on which gcc is built.
host: the platform on which gcc is run.
target: the platform for which gcc generates code.

Since newlib is a library, the target concept does not apply to it, and the
build, host, and target options given to the top-level configure script must
be changed for newlib's use.

The options are shifted according to these correspondences:

gcc's build platform has no equivalent in newlib.
gcc's host platform is newlib's build platform.
gcc's target platform is newlib's host platform.
and as mentioned before, newlib has no concept of target.

I tried to use the top-level ./configure script, but that does not seem to trigger the compilation of the newlib/ subdirectory, it just creates some documentation files. Also, I don't know how to pass all the newlib configuration parameters through the top-level ./configure script.

  R. Diez

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