Søren Holm
Tue Feb 2 08:13:00 GMT 2010

Tirsdag 02 februar 2010 05:36:44 skrev Howland Craig D (Craig):
> Newlib had a mistake related to how this was done that was corrected
> in 1.18--which is why the behavior has changed from 1.17.
> If isnanf() really is wanted, the suggested addition of including
> <ieeefp.h> is correct.  However, the better correction is to not use
> isnanf()--obviating the need to add ieeefp.h--but rather to use the
> C99/POSIX isnan() function-like macro, which takes any floating point
> type (float or double or long double (ldbl not in Newlib--yet)).  This
> should be the most portable method.

Ok. Thank you for the clarification of that. Now I know better.

Mvh./ Best regards

Søren Holm

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