OpenMP vs. <math.h>

Schwarz, Konrad
Tue Jan 12 07:40:00 GMT 2010

> > 2010-01-08  Yaakov Selkowitz<>
> >
> > 	* libc/include/math.h (log2, log2f): Disable macro 
> versions for C++,
> > 	as they are incompatible with OpenMP/C++ headers.
> >
> Patch applied.  I am going to talk to the C++ folks to see if 
> they have 
> any additional thoughts.

Both C and C++ allow the library to use macros (e.g., C++ 1999:

Each identifier with file scope [e.g., log2] listed in any of the following subclauses [which describe the header files of the standard library] (including the
future library directions) is reserved for use as a macro name and as an identifier with
file scope in the same name space if any of its associated headers [e.g., math.h] is included.
Any function declared in a header may be additionally implemented as a function-like macro defined in the header [...]

So it would seem that the fault lies with OpenMP?

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