Joel's Only Outstanding RTEMS Newlib Patch

Joel Sherrill
Wed Dec 16 21:55:00 GMT 2009


A while back I submitted a patch to use sizeof(double)-1
for ALIGNBYTES to avoid an unaligned access on SPARC.
param.h in BSD is target specific and this made it safe
but larger than necessary.  The attached patch makes
if "sizeof(double)-1" for SPARC and retains the old
value of "sizeof(int) - 1" for other targets.

Our machine/param.h came from i386 so it isn't that surprising
that it turned up an issue on a RISC CPU. It just took a long
time and "ls" ported from BSD. :)

2009-12-16  Joel Sherrill <>

     * libc/sys/rtems/machine/param.h: Only use sizeof(double) -1

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