free() does not call sbrk()

Martin Walter
Mon Sep 21 06:45:00 GMT 2009

> The point I'm trying to make is that two different ports using the mallocr.c
> code and your test case work fine.  The only obvious difference is that you
> have some additional functions with UART_ in front of them that are not part
> of newlib.  One or more of these additional functions may be touching the
> heap or are corrupting the call to free() somehow.  You might have a bug in
> the compiler used to build newlib or your test.  There may even be a bug in
> mallocr that nobody has ever seen before.  It's going to take some debugging
> on your part.
> I suggest you debug the test case to ensure that the newlib mallocr code is
> being called for malloc and free, that the ptr passed to free is the same
> one you got from malloc earlier, and that there are no other heap calls
> being made in between directly or indirectly by the UART functions.  Failing
> that, try debugging mallocr to see why malloc/free aren't reusing the same
> piece of storage.

Hi Jeff, thanks for making this clear. I found out that our compiler
produces wrong code  when using -Ox, for x > 0.
Kind regards,

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