Getting involved in newlib development

Jeff Johnston
Sat May 30 06:40:00 GMT 2009

vibi sreenivasan wrote:
> hi,
>         how to get involved in newlib development?
>         Is there any todo jobs that in can start working
>         with?
> regards
> vibi sreenivasan
Hi Vibi,

There is no official todo list.

There are pushes underway to add more POSIX and C99-compliance to newlib 
as exemplified
by the work Corinna has done recently in the wide-character I/O and 
locale fields.  There is work regarding the UTF-8 standard used.  Craig 
Howland is currently working on cleaning up the system header files.  
There is work underway to add long double math functions and there is 
also lowering the footprint of empty programs or programs that don't do 
much, especially on platforms that are tight for space.

You might want to read the list archives to see what has been done in 
these areas recently.
Perhaps some of these areas would interest you.

-- Jeff J.

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