long double (was "strtold?")

Ken Werner ken@linux.vnet.ibm.com
Sat Apr 18 01:55:00 GMT 2009

On Saturday 18 April 2009 00:14:13 you wrote:
> Ken Werner wrote:
> > On Friday 17 April 2009 23:19:33 Howland Craig D (Craig) wrote:
> >> Umm, I don't understand the change to machine/ieeefp.h.  The defines
> >> that it was using are the official names from float.h.  Adding __ as a
> >> prefix and suffix ties it directly to gcc.  The makes it work for gcc
> >> without float.h having been included, but won't it break other
> >> compilers?
> >> (There's nothing in the standards that I know of that would require
> >> __LDBL_MANT_DIG__ to be defined, for example.)  So perhaps it did not
> >> build as it was, but the way to fix it for all compilers is to add
> >> #include <float.h>, I think.  (Newlib doesn't require gcc, does it?)
> >> 				Craig
> >
> > Craig,
> >
> > Thanks for the heads up, you are right. The attached patch uses defines
> > provided by <float.h> instead of the GCC internals.
> >
> > Ken
> Actually, I don't want float.h as an implied include in this case since
> we are defining an internal-use
> variable as opposed to something we need to expose to the end-user (in
> which case we would check for
> gcc and avoid the include if possible).
> So, I have undergone moving the macro to libc/stdlib/local.h and adding
> libm/common/local.h where it can
> safely include float.h without affecting the end-user.  All the files
> needing _LDBL_EQ_DBL now include the "local.h" file in its directory.
> The patch will be checked in shortly.
> -- Jeff J.


Sounds fine for the implementation of the wrapper frunctions but what about 
their prototypes? Are you going to include "local.h" from the  math.h and 


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