SPF records (was: Re: Errors with Re: [PATCH/RFA] Revamp wctomb/mbtowc conversion, add more charset support)

Corinna Vinschen vinschen@redhat.com
Thu Mar 26 16:07:00 GMT 2009

[Using the newlib list again since due to the SPF nonsense I have no
 other way to reach you]

On Mar 26 15:56, Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
> (Off-list, as this is OT.  But, CC:ing cgf as he may have an
> opinion and is knowledgeable in sysadmin matters - and may have
> an inner track to the RedHat sysadmins.  I wouldn't rule out him
> taunting Axis for using SPF records. ;)

Chris is very knowledgable as sysadmin, but this has nothing to do
with him since he's neither working for Red Hat, nor does this have
anything to do with the servers he's administrating.

> > You have an admin who doesn't want mail to disturb his service:
> > 
> > <hans-peter.nilsson AT axis.com>: host bart.se.axis.com[] said: 554
> > <DATA>: Data command rejected: bart: domain of vinschen AT redhat.com does not
> > designate as permitted sender according to domains SPF record
> > (http://spf.pobox.com/why.html) (in reply to DATA command)
> Actually, it is redhat.com that advertises SPF records that do
> not include the address (it seems) you sent from:
> (reverse dns yields: mail-n.franken.de), and where the match
> level is "-all", i.e. "Fail", so fit for live use.  I "dug" up
> the redhat.com records and verified briefly that there was no
> mentioning there.

Yes, I'm sending mails using a non-Red Hat smtp server since I'm neither
sitting in the office, nor is this mail in any way confidential.

This is a valid scenario.  It's a valid mail address and a valid,
non-spam smtp server.  This only shows again how ill-conceived the SPF
idea is.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Project Co-Leader
Red Hat

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