long double (was "strtold?")

Ken Werner ken@linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Mar 25 18:53:00 GMT 2009

On Thursday 12 March 2009 13:59:01 Ken Werner wrote:
> On Thursday 12 March 2009 11:01:44 Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > Given that llround and llroundl are POSIX APIs, I wonder if they
> > shouldn't be in libc/include/math.h like everything else, just defined
> > for SPU only for now.  Eventually this API should be available for all
> > targets.
> Yes, sounds reasonable. The new patch declares them in the
> libc/include/math.h as suggested. I removed the machine header because it's
> no longer needed.
> > The strtold patch in stdlib.h should be accompanies by a matching patch
> > for wcstold in wchar.h, probably.
> Done.
> > Other than that, I guess we should wait for Jeff.  I'm not feeling
> > confortable to check this in.  But thanks for providing this patch.
> Thats fine with me. I just wanted to post tis patch while we are at it. : )
> > Corinna
> The reworked patch is attached, thanks for reviewing.
> Ken


The attached patch uses __asm__ () instead of asm () to map the long double 
functions as this doesn't pollute the name space and prevents compiler errors, 
e.g. if build with -std=c99.

This patch has also being discussed as part of another thread starting with: 


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