long double (was "strtold?")

Schwarz, Konrad konrad.schwarz@siemens.com
Wed Mar 18 15:28:00 GMT 2009

> >A number of the libm routines were originally taken from Sun.  You
> might
> >want to check if there are
> >already long double versions out there from Sun if you 
> haven't already
> >done so.
>      I have done some looking, and was not finding much; I've 
> found one
> or two candidates, but not a whole set like I had expected.  (For


I think the comment about Sun meant FDLIBM, the Freely Distributable
LIBM library.  This is available at http://www.netlib.org/fdlibm/.
NETLIB also has at least one test suite, UCBTEST, at
http://www.netlib.org/fp/ucbtest.tgz.  I don't have any personal
experience with either suite, unfortunately.

Konrad Schwarz

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