newlib PIC24/30 port

Karolina Lindqvist
Mon Feb 9 16:13:00 GMT 2009

söndagen den 8 februari 2009 skrev Leo Singer:

> You might have noticed that many of the symbols in Microchip's
> standard library are prefixed with __attribute__ ((weak)). This makes
> it possible for user code to override standard library routines and
> syscalls. At my company, we have a source file called "iosupport.c"
> for each board that defines the open, read, write, and close routines.

There is another thread here discussing this weak thing.  Since the libraries 
are normally last in the gcc/ld command, if you include iosupport.o before 
the libraries, there is no need for weak definitions for this purpose, as I 
see it.


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