PIC24/PIC30 port iprintf() name

Karolina Lindqvist karolina.lindqvist@kramnet.se
Sun Feb 8 19:45:00 GMT 2009

tisdagen den 3 februari 2009 skrev Leo Singer:
> Dear Karolina,
> It appears that I do have the "iprintf" symbol, but my linker insists
> otherwise.  Do you know what is happening?  See below.
> Leo

I found it out. pic30-gcc and newlib have different ideas about the names.
newlib calls it iprintf(), while pic30-gcc calls it _iprintf().
newlib have fiprintf(), while pic30-gcc wants _ifprintf()
and so on for all the other integer versions of the routines.

So either the routines have different names on windows and linux, for the pic, 
or they have different names in newlib for the pic30, and other newlibs.

I made another patch for pic30-gcc, to make it behave the newlib way.


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