Porting Newlib to Microchip's dsPIC series

Karolina karolina.lindqvist@kramnet.se
Sun Feb 1 18:42:00 GMT 2009

lördagen den 31 januari 2009 skrev Leo Singer:
> Hey,
> I am porting Newlib to Microchip's line of 16-bit microcontrollers (I
> am using a dsPIC33FJ256GP710).  The compiler is invoked using the name
> "pic30-gcc".  I have some platform specific implementations of things
> like brk, sbrk, etc.  Where should I put those?
> I put them in "newlib/libc/sys/pic30", and I think that I made my
> Automake and Autoconf files correctly (though it's my first time
> actually editing automake or autoconf files), but the source files
> that I added are not getting compiled.
> My "setjmp" and "longjmp", which I have placed in
> "newlib/libc/machine/pic30" are correctly getting built and linked.
> Thanks,
> Leo

I am trying exactly the same right now. I got the whole thing to build without 
error, but now I got a little bit stuck with gcc, to get it to use the 
correct paths for include/lib files etc. I got more work there than I 
bargained for.

And then I am not sure if not newlib gives just too much bloat, and it would 
be better to use unix v7 libs, or something.

Some things with newlib I find confusing. Some systems put system files in 
libgloss/<systemname>, and others in libc/sys/<systemname>
I put them in libc/sys/pic30

Files I have patched so far:

But apart from making a clean build, it has to be integrated with all the 
quirks of the PIC30 and tried out and get to work also. That is probably the 
tough part.


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