undefined symbol error when compiling newlib-1.17

Navid Toosizadeh navid@eecg.toronto.edu
Thu Jan 22 22:00:00 GMT 2009


When I compile newlib for my added target, I get this error message when
it tries to compile __adjust.c in stdlib:

/tmp/ccQ6Jtph.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/ccQ6Jtph.s:31: Error: undefined symbol `___infinity' in operation
/tmp/ccQ6Jtph.s:32: Error: undefined symbol `___infinity' in operation

I tried to unsderstand the provblem, I altered the gcc comand to generate
assembly instead of object, in the middle of the assembly I see these two

	lhi	r1,((___infinity)>>16)&0xffff
	addui	r1,r1,(___infinity)&0xffff

which I believe are the cause of the problem. Any ideas on what is the
causeof this/ if I should get the definition of ___infinity from

Thank you very much,

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