[patch] LatticeMico32 changes

Jukka Pietarinen jukka.pietarinen@mrf.fi
Wed Dec 10 20:41:00 GMT 2008


this patch adds support for the Lattice Mico32 soft CPU. I have been 
working on a Mico32 port for RTEMS. The patch is based on the Lattice 
tool sources by Jon Beniston.

2008-12-10 Jukka Pietarinen <jukka.pietarinen@mrf.fi>

	* config.sub: Add lm32
	* configure.ac: Add lm32
	* newlib/configure.host: Add lm32
	* newlib/libc/include/machine/ieeefp.h: Add __lm32__
	* newlib/libc/include/machine/setjmp.h: Add __lm32__
	* newlib/libc/machine/configure.in: Add lm32
	* newlib/libc/machine/lm32/configure.in: New file
	* newlib/libc/machine/lm32/Makefile.am: New file
	* newlib/libc/machine/lm32/setjmp.s: New file

Jukka Pietarinen
Micro-Research Finland
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