seekdir dereferences null

Jeff Johnston
Wed Dec 10 14:11:00 GMT 2008

> As for the benefits of NDEBUG, DEBUG, etc...
> Those decisions I leave to the Newlib overseers.
> Jeff seemed to be asking for input, we have all given it.
> We've all made some good points.
> joel - a clue to issues he had not found.
> Eric - ie: this is bloat
> You  - Use standards, with some good checking
> Me   - my rant about other bloat
> I trust jeff and others will continue to make the
> good decisions that keep me here.
Alright my take on this is:

It appears that the normal implementations of the functions don't do the 
check.  Making it default to not do the check is the right thing to do.  
Optionally enabling the check is fine.

I don't like the assert() and I don't like using the DEBUG flag as it is 
used elsewhere to print out extraneous stuff.

Joel, if you would still like this for RTEMS, then lets just put the 
additional checks under the existing RTEMS flag for now and if others 
would like the same behaviour in the future we'll create a common flag.  
Seem reasonable?

-- Jeff J.
> -Duane.

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