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duane ellis
Sat Dec 6 02:12:00 GMT 2008

Schwarz, Konrad> The majority of processors newlib runs on have MMU or 
at least memory protection unit (MPU) support,

Your view of newlib is *very* different then mine.  I guess it depends 
on how you see the landscape from your position. We all see things 

Two well known quick examples are: ARM7 does not, CortexM3 do not have 
MMU/MPU support.

An MPU/MMU also implies there is an operating system that configured 
them, newlib is an extremely common "bare metal" standard library where 
there is no such thing.

Then there are many cases where the OS does nothing with the MMU/MPU - 
For example: "ThreadX" and "uC/OS-II" and others

Does ECOS setup the MMU/MPU?


Secondly - assert()

While, "assert" is viable - the problem is it *GOES*AWAY* when debug is 

That is why - I suggested the "#if defined(PARMCHECKING_ENABLED) to keep 
it enabled!

The benefit of "param checking" - is all of those situations where there 
is no MMU/MPU configured to help.


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