[patch] SPU libm

Ken Werner ken@linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Nov 26 19:03:00 GMT 2008


the SPU implementation of libm incorporates header files of the simdmath 
library. The attached patch rebases these headers against the current version.



2008-11-25  Ken Werner  <ken.werner@de.ibm.com>

        * libm/machine/spu/headers/acosd2.h: Rebase against current simdmath.
        * libm/machine/spu/headers/asind2.h: Likewise.
        * libm/machine/spu/headers/asinhf4.h: Likewise.
        * libm/machine/spu/headers/divd2.h: Likewise.
        * libm/machine/spu/headers/erf_utils.h: Likewise.
        * libm/machine/spu/headers/erfcd2.h: Likewise.
        * libm/machine/spu/headers/erfcf4.h: Likewise.
        * libm/machine/spu/headers/erfd2.h: Likewise.
        * libm/machine/spu/headers/lgammaf4.h: Likewise.
        * libm/machine/spu/headers/recipd2.h: Likewise.
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