Various cleanups, corrected patch

Howland Craig D (Craig)
Mon Nov 24 17:18:00 GMT 2008

There was a mistake in the stdio.h patch that causes a compile error.
A corrected patch file is attached.  Use this one in place of the
previous email's patch file.

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Subject: Various cleanups

     I just did a little bit of cleanup, mostly getting rid of compiler
warnings.  In doing so I found some mistakes or oversights that I also
cleaned up.  The descriptions are in the ChangeLog portion of the
attached patch file.
     There are a couple other things that I noted but did not fix,
pending getting someone to help answer some questions:

1)  libc/stdio/mktemp.c calls _stat64_r(), but _stat64_r() does not
appear anywhere except in mktemp.c; it appears to be missing.  It seems
that the solution is to create reent/stat64r.c (by analogy with
Is this the right solution, or should something else be done?

2)  libc/search/hash_func.c defines four hash functions, hash1 through
hash4.  They are declared static.  1-3 are not used.  Since they are
static, it would appear that they are therefore completely worthless as
it is impossible to access them.
Should they just be commented out?

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