Compatibility with Debian 4.0?

Howland Craig D (Craig)
Sat Nov 22 12:01:00 GMT 2008

A quick thing to try is to use _SC_PAGESIZE instead of _SC_PAGE_SIZE.
(They're supposed to be the same, but they are not quite straight at
the moment, it seems.)
				Craig Howland

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Subject: Compatibility with Debian 4.0?


I'm able to configure and build everything without errors (although
there are about 926 warnings); however, my application fails when
it tries to spawn a thread using pthread_create.  I managed to
trace the error back to sysconf(_SC_PAGE_SIZE) returning -1
resulting in __pthread_initialize_manager attempting to malloc a
block of memory with a negative size.  I'm at a loss as to why
sysconf is returning "unsupported" for the page size.



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