[rtems] Tweaks to sys/features.h

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill@oarcorp.com
Thu Nov 20 19:17:00 GMT 2008

Howland Craig D (Craig) wrote:
> Wouldn't it be better to define _POSIX_SHARED_MEMORY_OBJECTS with value
> -1 than to have it not defined?  That way it is known at compile time
> that there is no support, rather than needing to wait for runtime for a
> sysconf() call.
If that's what people are expecting to test for then yes.

And FWIW RTEMS supports sysconf() but doesn't have
a lot of cases in its implementation.  What sysconf value
covers this one?

> 				Craig
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> Subject: [rtems] Tweaks to sys/features.h
> Hi again,
> another RTEMS specific newlib patch, we'd like to see merged into
> newlib.
> This patch address 2 issue with sys/features.h:
> * POSIX/SUSv3 mandates _POSIX_MONOTONIC_CLOCK to be set to -1, 0 or
> 200112L. RTEMS supports _POSIX_MONOTONIC_CLOCK but doesn't support
> sysconf(), so it must be set 200112L.
> * RTEMS doesn't support _POSIX_SHARED_MEMORY_OBJECTS. The setting having
> been used so far was wrong.
> Ralf

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