Known working configurations for gcc unified build

Aidan Delaney
Thu Sep 18 10:24:00 GMT 2008

Dear all,
	Having tried, and failed, to build a unified source tree of newlib
1.6.0 and gcc 4.3.1, I'm wondering if this is considered a known working
configuration?  Or should I be building newlib X with gcc Y?

Below is the procedure I've been using, as gleaned from the Interweb
1) Extract newlib 1.6.0 to ~/build
2) rename newlib extract dir to gcc-4.3.1
3) Extract gcc to ~/build
4) mkdir ~/build/gcc-4.3.1/foo
5) cd ~/build/gcc-4.3.1/foo
6) ../configure --with-newlib --disable-ssp --enable-languages=c
7) make
The build fails with a syntax error in newlib, the exact nature of which
is probably irrelevant as I suspect the issue is to do with working
configurations or my procedure.

Aidan Delaney

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