PATCH: another minor documentation tweak

Sandra Loosemore
Mon Sep 1 11:14:00 GMT 2008

The libm manual was calling its index node "Index".  If you do makeinfo --html, 
that creates a file named "Index.html".  But, makeinfo --html also generates a 
file named index.html for the main table of contents.  This is OK on Linux-type 
hosts, but if you install the documentation on a Windows host, where filenames 
are not case-sensitive, you lose.  The libc manual already calls its index node 
"Library Index", which avoids the collision; so this patch makes the libm manual 
use the same name.

The libc manual has a related problem, though, which I haven't tried to fix: 
the auto-generated documentation for the "index" function is in a node named 
"index", so it also collides with the table-of-contents index.html.  In this 
case, makeinfo can detect the collision, though, and the documented behavior of 
makeinfo in such cases is to put both the table of contents and the contents of 
the node named index in the same file named index.html.  It's kind of ugly, but 
it's not actually losing information, so I let it go for now.  I considered 
re-working makedoc to uniformly rename all the nodes from "foo" to "foo 
function" to avoid this, but decided that would be spreading ugliness all over. 
  Hopefully someday makeinfo will be fixed to permit some alternate file-naming 
strategy so you can specify how collisions are to be resolved.


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