[PATCH] Blackfin hardware boards support (3/7)

Jie Zhang jie.zhang@analog.com
Thu Aug 14 22:04:00 GMT 2008

Jeff Johnston wrote:
> Jie Zhang wrote:
>> This tarball contains some of header files for Blackfin processors. It's
>> to be uncompressed under libgloss/bfin.
>> Jie
> Jie,
> Typically header files always go in the libc/machine directory in 
> newlib.  Is there any reason
> these include files should not go there?
> -- Jeff J.
I thought libc/machine is used for libc headers. Those headers I added 
is not for libc. They are MMR definitions and at lower level under libc. 
So I think it would be better to put them in libgloss instead of newlib.


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